Carlisle & Finch Co.

General Products

Inventors and craftspeople at heart, we design and manufacture an extensive line of searchlights used for marine navigation, homeland security, and prison applications.

Xenon Searchlights

At once historic and futuristic, Carlisle & Finch Co. has made a tradition of innovating the future into being. We have pioneered every searchlight innovation over the last century, including LED, carbon arc and xenon arc searchlight technology development.

LED Searchlights

LED searchlights consume 75 percent less energy than halogen lights while offering twice the brightness, a longer life, more reliability, and a pure white color.

Halogen Searchlights

A cost-effective option, halogen searchlights are used widely throughout the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, the commercial marine industry, and in security searchlight applications.

LED “HYBRID” Searchlights

Make the most out of your searchlight by combining the long-distance capabilities of xenon and halogen lights with the ability of LED lights to illuminate wide areas at close range.

Night Vision/ IR Searchlights

Available as an upgrade to most C&F searchlights, the NightFINDER thermal camera enhances standard searchlights with night vision and infrared capabilities.

IR Illuminators

Allows high-resolution lowlight cameras to covertly identify threats more clearly in total darkness.

Signaling Searchlights

Approved by the U.S. Navy and used by defense forces around the world, Carlisle & Finch Co.’s morse-code signaling searchlights are available in multiple sizes.

Rotary Beacons

Carlie & Finch produces a variety of rotary beacons with red, green, blue, and amber lenses. Our rotary beacons are designed to withstand harsh conditions and come with removable shields.

7-Inch Sealed Beam Searchlights

The 7-inch sealed beam searchlight has a National Stock Number and is used by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. Choose from either a local handle or remote lever aiming option.

Navigation Lights

To compliment our searchlights, we manufacture ship-board navigational lighting products for military vessels, all of which have military specifications.

Plant Shutdown


We will be closed for our Annual 2-Week Vacation from 29-July to 13-August. No orders will be manufactured or shipped during this time. We reopen 14-August-23.