Carlisle & Finch Co.

SmartVIEW™ Digital Controls

SmartVIEW™ is a microprocessor-based digital control system that is an available option to any Carlisle & Finch searchlight product. It allows multifunctional proportional-speed joystick controllers to intelligently select, and control, any and all searchlights on a RS485 BUS network. Remote computers and glass bridges can also control the searchlight using a TCP/IP gateway while using standard protocols such as NMEA 0183 (listening-only), PELCO-D, ONVIF and C&F’s proprietary protocol.

  • Offered on all Carlisle & Finch Searchlights
  • Multifunction Proportional-Speed Joystick
  • Joystick Controllers Select and Control All Searchlights on the RS485 Bus
  • Low-Voltage Control Cabling Reduces Costs
  • Auto-Home Return to Center
  • Position Indication on Joystick Controller LCD Screen
  • Remote Computer Control With TCP/IP Interface
  • Multiple Protocols: NMEA 0183, PELCO-D, ONVIF and C&F protocol (ICD)
  • Wireless Cell Phone Control Using ONVIF Apps

A GUI can be created simply and easily to control Carlisle & Finch systems, by utilizing Carlisle & Finch’s ICD (interface control document). Consult factory to request this document at no charge.

Below is a typical Carlisle & Finch Co. network displaying an LED searchlight with infrared feature, as well as a xenon searchlight with embedded thermal camera.

Carlisle and Finch's SmartVIEW Digital Controls Diagram

Command & Control Searchlights

Unmanned pan and tilt systems combine high-intensity visible light, powerful strobes, infrared thermal cameras, and IR illuminators into one versatile product. Remote TCP/IP-controlled systems utilize common industry protocols such as ONVIF, PELCO-D, etc, offered on all searchlights.

Plant Shutdown


We will be closed for our Annual 2-Week Vacation from 29-July to 13-August. No orders will be manufactured or shipped during this time. We reopen 14-August-23.