Carlisle & Finch Co.

Pleasure Yachts

We take pride in producing products that are not only rugged but are elegantly designed. Our searchlights can be found on some of the largest, most luxurious yachts in the world.

Xenon Searchlights

Defined by its rare combination of power, ruggedness, and sleek style, the xenon searchlight is unmatched in quality and design.

LED Searchlights

LED searchlights consume 75 percent less energy than halogen lights while offering twice the brightness, a longer life, more reliability, and a pure white color.

cut out image of Carlisle and Finch's 200 Watt Xenon Searchlight


The NightFINDER™ sleek combines an embedded thermal camera and xenon searchlight beam in a streamlined, contemporary design.

NightFINDER™ Classic

With the NightFINDER™ classic, you can integrate a thermal camera or lowlight camera with the 12- or 15-inch classic-style xenon searchlight.


The NightFINDER LED combines visible LEDs, infrared LEDs, a powerful strobe, and an optional lowlight camera into one synergistic system. Offered in 12-inch and 19-inch diameters.

Plant Shutdown


We will be closed for our Annual 2-Week Vacation from 29-July to 13-August. No orders will be manufactured or shipped during this time. We reopen 14-August-23.