Carlisle & Finch Co.

Land Security

The Carlisle & Finch Co. is the standard searchlight supplier for U.S. state and federal prisons, and also provides searchlights for land-based security and border security all throughout the world. There are many security features offered throughout the C&F searchlight product lines. A partial listing is seen below.

Bullet-Resistant Reflectors

Included on all xenon searchlights, the precision-optic reflectors are made of virtually indestructible nickel material which resists breakage if impacted by bullets or rocks.

Built-In Redundancy

Xenon Searchlights

500-Watt and 1000-Watt xenon searchlights have electronic ballast designs which include multiple electronic boards. Should one board fail, a bright beam is still projected in back-up mode, which is critical in high security lighting applications.

LED Searchlights

12-inch and 19-inch LED searchlights are composed of multiple LED PODS, with each POD powered from its own electronic board. Therefore, if an electronic board fails, there will still be a bright beam projected from the other POD(s) without having a single point of failure.

Emergency Manual Override

If any motor fails (i.e. Up, Down, Right, Left or Electric Beam-Size Focus), all of these searchlight functions can be operated manually in backup mode, quickly and easily, with no tools required.

Slip-Rings (Continuous Rotation)

Slip-rings in the base, offered on 19-inch LED and 19-inch halogen searchlights, provide continuous, unlimited, 360° horizontal rotation with no stop points. This allows the operator to move the searchlight along the shortest path and to immediately light up the intruder without ever being impeded by a mechanical stop.

“Wall of Light” LEDs

Auxiliary LEDs added to the searchlight strategically illuminate extremely wide areas close to the guard tower/operator where the narrower searchlight beam cannot service.

Strobe Feature

A powerful strobe feature offered on LED and xenon searchlights provides a dizzying and disorienting effect on intruders, vandals and terrorists while denying their night vision. This feature transforms the searchlight instantly into a nonlethal weapon.

Embedded Thermal / Lowlight Camera

Adding a thermal camera and/or lowlight camera to the searchlight allows the camera and the searchlight to work synergistically. The intruder is first spotted covertly with the camera. Since the searchlight is aligned precisely on the same target, a quick flip of the switch will instantly light up the intruder. This integration allows the camera to act as a covert targeting device to instantly identify, blind, and deter the intruder.

Infrared (IR) LEDs

Infrared LEDs added to the searchlight project an invisible beam unseen by the human eye but seen with night vision devices. When used in conjunction with night vision goggles and lowlight cameras, this feature provides increased night vision capability for the operator.

Remote Computer Command & Control

Searchlights with optional night vision cameras and/or IR illuminators are remotely controlled using TCP/IP (Ethernet). Compatible protocols are Pelco-D, ONVIF and the Carlisle & Finch proprietary protocol.

Plant Shutdown


We will be closed for our Annual 2-Week Vacation from 29-July to 13-August. No orders will be manufactured or shipped during this time. We reopen 14-August-23.