350 Watt Xenon Yacht Searchlight

The 350-Watt yacht searchlight combines the most powerful xenon light technology with a beautiful, classic-style appearance. The brass material allows for an optional, elegant chrome finish displaying a sparkling shimmer. This same powerful product is installed on the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy’s latest patrol boats, and includes an optional high-powered strobe which instantly transforms the searchlight into a nonlethal weapon.

  • Beam Intensity: 25 Million Beam Candlepower (candela)
  • Distance Serviced on Clear Night: 5000 Meters (approx.)
  • Remote Electric Beam-Size Focus
  • Proportional Speed Joystick Control
  • Bullet-Resistant Reflector
  • External Manual Beam-Size Focus Knob (Emergency Back-Up)
  • Beyond 360 Degrees of Rotation (385° with sliding stop)
  • Door Interlock Safety Power Cut-Off Switch
cut out image of Carlisle and Finch's 350 Watt Xenon Searchlight
  • Electric Beam-Size Focus: 1 to 20º (throughout continuous spectrum)
  • Temperature Range: -30º C to +55º C (approx.)
  • Environmental Protection: IP56
  • Power Consumption: 115VAC/7 Amps or 230VAC/3.5 Amps; 50/60HZ
  • Vertical Span: +35° to -35° (Total 70° approx.)
  • Horizontal Span: Beyond Full Circle (385° with Sliding Stop)
  • Beam Speed (approx): 12º per sec (Horiz./Fast); 3º per sec (Horiz./Slow)
  • Xenon Lamp: 350 Watt, 6000 Kelvin, 1000 Hours
  • Beam Intensity: 25 Million Candela
  • Distance Serviced Measuring 1 LUX: Approx. 5000 meters on a clear night.
  • Reflector: Precision Electroformed, Nickel Material, Bullet-Resistant
  • Materials: Marine-Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Salt-Resistant, Scratch-Resistant, Powder Coat

Custom Colors: In most cases, standard white color can be replaced with any custom color when provided RAL number.

Brass Material with Chrome Finish

Anti-Icing Heaters: Thermostat-controlled heaters prevent ice build-up in cold climates.

Azimuth Indicator: LCD panel displays the horizontal aiming position in degrees.

Wall of Light LEDs: Auxiliary LEDs illuminate wide areas at close range where the narrower xenon beam cannot service.
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NightFINDER™ Camera/Thermal: Integrated camera adds night vision capability, and the camera is used as a covert targeting device to instantly light up objects.
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NightFINDER™ Camera/Lowlight: Integrated color lowlight camera with electronic zoom, adds night vision capability, and the camera is used as a covert targeting device to instantly light up objects.

High-Powered Strobe: Powerful nonlethal deterrent disorients intruder and denies night vision.

SmartVIEW™ Digital Control: Microprocessor-based controls provide switching throughout an RS-485 BUS network, and TCP/IP connection utilizes multiple protocols such as ONVIF, PELCO-D, NMEA 0183 and Carlisle & Finch’s own protocol.
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Detachable IR Filter: Filter quickly attaches with no tools to provides covert surveillance when used with lowlight cameras or NVGs.

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