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NightFindertm Thermal Systems

Thermal Camera integrated onto the same Pan/Tilt Base as Searchlight, allows Searchlight to be used as a “Covert Targeting Device” to instantly illuminate the person/object.  Optional “High Powered Strobe” causes dizzying and disorienting effect on intruder, thereby transforming the searchlight into a powerful “Nonlethal weapon.”

Thermal camera used as a covert targeting device to instantly illuminate the intruder

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Strategic for Multiple Applications

  • Law Enforcement: Intruder is spotted covertly with camera, then instantly illuminated with Searchlight Beam.  Strobe Option, causes dizziness and a disorienting effect, transforming the searchlight into a Nonlethal Weapon.


  • Shipboard Navigation: Using the camera as an “Invisible Headlight”, the operator is able to strategically navigate channels, and safely sail into harbors, without blinding others with the searchlight beam turned on.


  • Search and Rescue:  The differential temperature between the water and person, allows the person to be spotted in total darkness instantly, and since the camera is aimed at the same object as the person, the searchlight instantly illuminates the person in distress.

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